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Affordable angle grinders represent real performance-per-pound value and our exclusive range of electric angle grinders, with Suhner’s second-to-none brand reputation works perfectly with our sell only-the-best beliefs.

UWG 10-R angle grinder, 1,000W and digital control electronics for continuously adjustable speeds from 4,200 to 10,000rpm. M14 thread. Used with depressed centre 125mm grinding and cut off wheels, sanding discs, flap discs and circular wire brushes. Weight 1.9kg. Available in 230v and 120v models.

UWK 10-R electric angle grinder produce 1,530W of power from a size no larger than the 1,000W UWG 10-R angle grinder. Smooth start, it isn’t easily slowed down even under hard use and that’s thanks to the digital electronics, which ensure a constant adjustable working speed from 4,200 to 10,000rpm. Uses 125mm wheels for grinding and cutting, fibre discs for surface finishing, flap discs for weld grinding and 70mm wire cup bushes for descaling. M14 thread. Weight 2.8kg Available in 230v and 120v models.

These high-powered angle grinders guarantee long-service life, while the ergonomic design decreases operator fatigue. Plus, low vibrations means you can work for longer periods to get the job done.

Angle polishers UPG 5-R and UPK 5-R are designed to polish stainless steel flat bars and sheets with safety and comfort squarely in mind.

For users working daily with an angle polisher, the weight of the machine is key and Suhner is setting the bar at new heights. The 1,530W UPK 5-R weighs only 3kg, while the smaller 1,050W UPG 5-R is even lighter at 2.6kg.

Key features of these electric angle polishers: 

  • Flexible working spindle allows effortless conversions from a 19 x 100mm keyway to an M14 thread
  • Innovative height adjustable hand guard enables the operator to keep a close eye on workpieces up to 125mm in diameter and machine them easily and comfortably 
  • Thermal circuit breaker and undervoltage protection eliminate accidental activation of the tool following a power failure
  • Digital electronics regulate the speed continuously and maintain it under load
  • Gentle start-up makes the work easier for the operator and the attachment

Suhner manufactures angle grinders and angle polishers for today´s professionals – who want to be sure they can rely on their equipment tomorrow as well.

So email today on sales@grinding-solutions.co.uk to learn more. Better still speak with us on 07909 993832.


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