BURR-FECT For Stainless Steel

Time for a hard truth: you need to be better than your competitors. The first thing that sets the PFERD Inox cut burr apart from competitors is its speed.

Featuring an innovative tooth geometry designed for high stock removal and low heat development on stainless steel, PFERD’s tungsten carbide burrs INOX Cut are up to the challenge. 

The second thing that sets the PFERD Inox cut burr apart from competitors is its high-grade quality finish.Then there’s the comfortable working with reduced vibrations and less noise. Can other burrs claim the same on a comparable cross cut?

Other Advantages

Exceptional stock removal performance and tool life due to the innovative tooth geometry

Achieves high surface qualities through optimum chip formation

Prevents heat discolouration in the material due to the reduced heat generation

The end result is a PFERD tungsten carbide burr developed to meeting ultra-exacting machining demands while at the same time reducing tool wear, tool breakage, splintering and cutter head cracking.

Available in cylindrical, ball and flame shapes, PFERD Inox Cut burrs feature 8, 10 and 12mm head diameters, and 20 and 25mm body lengths. Recommended operating speeds are from 12,000 to 32,000 rpm depending on burr size and shape.

New tungsten carbide micro burrs with ALU cut are suitable for intricate work on aluminium and non-ferrous materials. Compared to their counterparts with former-style cut patterns, these micro burrs provide a much better rate of stock removal whilst lasting almost twice as long in service.

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