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Products > Flexible Shaft Machines

SUHNER grinding and finishing products offer clear performance advantages - and we don't make that claim lightly!

Description (Metric) - (Inches)

Advantages of Flexible Shaft Grinders/Polishers:

Rotostar Kit

Complete Rotostar Kit:

Consist of: Universal, double insulated 1-phase electric motor, 3-speed gear box (3 000, 6 000, 12 000, rpm), 3 m power cord and plug, with flexible shaft NA 10 x 2000 mm DIN 10/G 28, straight hand piece with 6 mm collet, set of wrenches, robust metal carrier case.

Rotoset Kit

Complete Rotoset Kit:

Consists of: Universal electric drive motor in sturdy frame, with suspension hook, 3 m power cord and plug, Flexible shaft NA 7 x 2000 mm, DIN 10/G22, straight hand piece FH7 with 6 mm Collet, Angle grinder WIG 7 (gear ratio 2.7:1), wheel guard and flange set for 115 mm Ø grinding and cutting wheels.
115 mm grinding and cutting wheel, wire cup brush TDB 70, 70 mm, Mounted points AR-O A 1325 V, A 2025 V, B 2006 V, Backing pad Type FSS 1110. Two each fiber discs Type KFS 115 ST, grit 60 & 120, 1 set of wrenches, sturdy metal case.

Minifix Kit

Complete Minifix Kit:
Double insulated 1-phase electric drive unit, 3 m power cord and plug, flexible shaft NA4 x 1250 mm DIN/G16, straight hand piece FH 4 with 6 mm collet, Set of accessories:1 each HSS burr (HSS G 0615 F), virtified mounted point K 0816 V, B 1303 V, F 0808 V, polishing bob FPB 1208, set of wrenches and metal case.

Versatility in Every Gear

The Right Speeds and Power for Most Applications

Best Speeds and Power for Heavy Jobs

Most economical heavy duty grinder available.

6-speed gearbox, extremely high torque transmission.

Maintenance free 3200 Watt (3.5hp) three phase induction motor.

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