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Cleaning discs

for removal of paint, discolorations, rust, etc.


FVOT cleaning discs consist of synthetic fiber, grit, and resin. Specially for fast and constant cleaning of stainless steel without removing material. Also suitable to remove rust, surface contaminants and coatings, stripping paint. To clean weld seams. Direct mounting to angle grinders due to inter grated backing, no additional backing pad required.


Cleaning roller consists of synthetic fiber, grit and resin. Fast and consistent cleaning on stainless steel.


FVOK cleaning discs with shaft consist of synthetic fiber, grit, and resin. Ideally suited for stainless steel, fast and constant cleaning, cleaning of metallic surfaces without material removal. Safer than wire brushes. Especially suitable for cleaning of weld seams, removal of scale and discolorations. Stripping paint from metal surfaces, removing coatings, rust, etc. General plant maintenance.


Cleaning disc for use with Mandrel FD. Ideal on stainless steel, fast cleaning of surface without material removal. Especially suitable for cleaning of weld seams, removal/cleaning of discolorations. Removal of scale, stripping paint, coatings etc. FVOS-K for hook-and-loop mounting.


Mandrel for FVOS allows joining of up to 2 discs.

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